Vesta’s HSGW is an IP-based multi-functional RF, ZigBee, smart home security gateway with optional add-on of 3G/4G capabilities, providing comprehensive solutions, including remote management, home security, live visual monitoring, home automation, energy management and emergency monitoring, designed to bring all-around convenience, comfort and safety.

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Advanced Automation

easy installation

Vesta’s devices are wireless and battery operated in most cases, which allows for an easy cable free installation.



Vesta’s system seamlessly integrates with Zigbee or Z-wave systems/devices.


easy setup

Vesta’s portal allows for an easy device setup experience. Prior to mounting your device, you can easily learn the new device into your panel with a press of a button.

Home Automation Devices

Our systems are modular and you can add/remove devices as you expand.

TMST-15ZBS is a wireless Smart Zigbee Thermostat designed to be incorporated into household heating or cooling system for home environment control. 

EMD-1ZBS E-Meter is a power metering device designed to measure electricity consumption from the electricity meter. E-Meter counts LED pulses from the house meter and converts it to Watt and accumulated KWh.

The LMHT-3 is a wireless ambient light, temperature and humidity sensor, waterproof to IPX5 standard, designed to measure and report variations in light intensity, temperature and humidity.

Wireless water leakage sensor with powerful functions, the WLS-23 Series is designed to make your family more comfortable and prevent against serious water damage that can cause stressful and expensive home repairs and damages.

The PRL-1ZBS is a ZigBee relay controller designed to automatically open and close garage doors, driveway gates, pool covers, window coverings, project screens, etc.

Z-Wave Dongle is connected to the USB port of a gateway panel so that the gateway can integrate Z-Wave sensors, including a thermostat.

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