Mini Door / Window Contact


  • Monitors the opening / closure of doors and windows
  • Highly extensive and reliable communication range
  • Enables security and home automation systems scene creation to turn on/off appliances accordingly.
  • Minimum power consumption
  • Prolonged battery life (MDC-3-F1 only)
  • Discreet, small, sleek design
  • Tamper protection to prevent unauthroized removal
  • Mounted on door or window frames
  • Supervisory signals ensure proper operation
  • Low battery detection
  • Suitable for residential and commercial security
  • EN50131 Grade 2, Class II
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The MDC Series is a discreet miniature door sensor that monitors the irregular opening / closing of doors and windows. The MDC Series is particularly small, which allows for highly flexible and virtually invisible installation. The MDC Series leverages Vesta’s cutting-edge F1 technology to accelerate the speed of signal transmission and deliver extensive, reliable RF communication range, allowing users to stay in touch, in control, and provide a peace of mind.

Integrating MDC Series into a security or home automation system will allow users to create scenes and automatically control lights and electronic appliances when doors or windows open and close. The MDC Series features a pre-inserted battery with minimal power consumption, and transmits supervisory and low battery signals to check system integrity.

MDC-3 model has a slightly larger housing to case a more powerful battery for increase prolonged battery life. Technologically advanced and slim design, the Mini Door/Window Contact Series stands out as a broadly applicable device ready to make users home or business safer and smarter.