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Vesta security systems are an easy to use advanced security system

Vesta Kits

Vesta security systems are an easy to use advanced security system, that allows you to monitor and manage your property remotely with a smart device and the internet. Our devices integrate seamlessly with other smart automation systems.


The HSGW is an IP-based multi-functional RF, ZigBee, and Z-Wave smart home security gateway with optional add-on of Wi-Fi or 3G/LTE capabilities, providing comprehensive solutions, including remote management, home security, live visual monitoring, home automation, energy management and emergency monitoring,.

Automation & Environmental Sensors

The device enables home automation and security systems to dim or switch on/off electric lighting in response to changing daylight availability so as to adjust brightness to an optimum level and reduce energy consumption.

Door & Gate Sensors

The MDC Series is a discreet miniature door sensor that monitors the irregular opening / closing of doors and windows. The MDC Series is particularly small, which allows for highly flexible and virtually invisible installation. The MDC Series leverages Vesta’s cutting-edge

Emergency Devices

To stay safe and protected does not mean it must be chunky or boring! Vesta’s WTRZ is an ergonomically designed wearable emergency button with interchangeable color covers, allowing your customers to look good and feel safe knowing they are connected to help whenever they need it. Up to 6 different colors and can be worn on the wrist with a comfortable band or around the neck as a pendant.

Impact/Shock Detection

Maximize the effectiveness of your security system by providing your family and business with an even higher level of protection. The SVGS Series is a shock, vibration and glass break sensor, designed to provide early warning of an attempted intrusion by sensing forced entry before a burglar actually enters the property.

Outdoor Motion Detectors

As the name implies, Vesta's outdoor motion sensors are designed to alert you when they sense movement in the areas where they’re installed around your home, such as by doors, windows or your backyard.

Indoor Motion Detectors

Indoor Motion sensors are designed for indoor use and can be mounted flat against a wall or in a corner of a room.

Keypads & Remotes

Vesta’s TSP-3 is a Touchscreen keypad. Featuring a 7” full-color, high-resolution touchscreen, TSP-3 provides quick and secure access to arm/disarm/home arm the system and an intuitive way to operate the security system. Connected to the control panel via Wi-Fi network, TSP-3 displays an overview of the system with its intuitive graphic user interface.

Video Door Phone

VDP-3 is an AC-powered video door phone that is designed for you to view and speak with the visitor at the door with a smartphone from anywhere. With a built-in 1080p high resolution camera and night vision technology, this video door phone gives you a clear and wide view, day and night. VDP-3 also has built-in motion sensor to capture alarm videos when irregular motion or presence has been detected.

Repeater & Converter Modules

The HWC-1 hardwire to wireless converter is designed to convert existing wired security sensors to wireless zones, enabling retrofitting of traditional wired security systems. Converting existing wired sensors saves on installation cost, time and materials since there is no need to replace wired devices with individual transmitters and provides homes and businesses with increased convenience and efficient functionality for users.

Siren & Strobe

SR-32 is a battery-operated wireless indoor siren, generating a loud 104-decibel siren to alert users to possible intruders, emergencies, and safety incidents. The multi-functional indoor siren can work with the control panel to emit entry and exit delay beeps. The SR-32 generates unique alarm sounds for fire and burglary to audibly inform the user of the type of danger at hand.

Smoke Detection

Multi-functional wireless smart smoke detector with powerful functions, the SD-29 series is designed to protect your family against potential fire hazards, and build a more comfortable lifestyle. This series was crafted from the belief that sensor should have multiple functions and abilities, thus a unique feature of SD-29 is the optional built-in PIR motion sensor, temperature sensor, and/or emergency light.

Panel Batteries