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Indoor PIR Motion Sensor


Detection range

Detection range of 12 meters over a 110° angle

Noise rejection

Superior white light and noise rejection

LED Light

LED serving as a fault/test mode indicator and walk test mode activation button

Power Saver

Low battery consumption and Automatic power saving mechanism


Microprocessor controlled with advanced Adaptive Digital Signal Processing (ADSP) algorithms for false alarm immunity

Regular supervision signals

Randomized supervision signals for system integrity checks and troubleshooting

Indoor PIR Motion Sensor

IR-29 Series is a microprocessor controlled PIR motion sensor providing quality detection. Its advanced ADSP algorithms ensure exceptional performance in sensitivity, reliability, and false alarm immunity.


  • Combines one PIR sensor with a microwave sensor
  • Activates alarms only when both the detector’s PIR and microwave sensors are tripped
  • Pet immunity up to 27kg (59lbs)
  • Extensive RF range (F1 models)
  • Fast signal transmission (F1 models)
  • Advanced adaptive digital signal processing (ADSP) algorithms
  • High RFI/EMI immunity
  • Adaptive detection range: 3 to 12 meters
  • Long battery life
  • Automatic power saving mechanism
  • Low battery detection
  • Temperature compensation
  • Wall- or corner-mounted
  • Self-supervision and self-testing
  • Tamper protection against sabotage
  • LEDs display operational status
  • Low and compact profile
  • Detection angle: 110° angle


IR-29 Series is a microprocessor controlled PIR Motion Detector that offers quality detection. The advanced Adaptive Digital Signal Processing (ADSP) algorithms in IR-29 Series guarantee high performance in sensitivity, reliability, and false alarm immunity. The sensitivity levels of IR-29 Series can be adjusted to suit different premises. To further enhance its flexibility and affordability, Lithium or Alkaline batteries are available for selection. IR-29-F1 adopts the latest RF technology to deliver super speed signal transmission and extensive communication range up to 300 meters in open space. With fast data transmission, IR-29-F1 is designed to effectively reduce signal collisions and further extend battery life. IR-29-F1 is compatible with AC powered F1 control panels. Easy and flexible to install, IR-29 Series sends regular supervision signals to check system integrity and has tamper-proof design to prevent the opening or removal of its housing. The compact, low-profile housing allows IR-29 Series to blend naturally with the settings where it is installed.

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